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Indigo Siberians 

David and Sheila Qualls was breed Siberian Huskies more than 25 years. Their dogs  scored unbelievable resutls at USA dog shows, for many years in a row waere in TOP-20 USA dogs and won the most presigious shows, such as Westmonster and National Specialties of Siberian Huskkies. Indigo dogs have amazing, beautiful, correct and typical for real Siberian Husky movements, which attracted our attention and with no doubt we took the dogs of this lines as a foundation for future breeding.

For the first time in Russia we have the dogs from a leading kennel INDIGO SIBERIANS. We have imported three producers - female Muffin (Indigo's Inglish Muffin)  and two males littermates Servo (Indigo's I Am The Tin Man) & Forrest (Indigo's Purple people Ieater). They are USA champions. 
In 2012 David and Sheila decided to close their kennel and stop the breeding work. Our kennel is exclusive agent of Indigo lines in Russia and Europe. We are very proud and happy to have such beautiful dogs as Servo, Forrest and Muffin in our home.

A bit of history...

Foundation of the kennel 

Indigo Siberians CH INNISFREE'S NEWSCENTS NIAVAR Indigo Siberians
(Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar x Anikita's Canadian Export)

Newscents was TOP producing bitch in the USA in breed history. She was the mother of 17 USA Champions. Two her daughters Teeter and Cindy have 28 Best In Shows at the all breed dog shows and big wins at the National Specialties.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s the Siberian Husky as a breed reached it’s peak of quality and competitiveness. Ch. Innisfree’s Sierra Cinnar (sire of Newscents) probably had more influence on our breed than any other dog in history. 

Indigo Siberians INNISFREE'S SIERRA CINNAR Indigo Siberians
The Top Producing Sire in our Breed, Cinnar produced 117 American Champions

BEST IN SHOW on Westminster in 1980.
30 x BIS, BISS. Canadian BIS.
Won BOB at the 1st independent Specialty Show of Canada First Siberian to place in the all-breed top ten winners.
Was #1 Siberian in US in 1977, 1978 & 1979.

It was a pleasure to be able to admire and enjoy the foundation Innisfree dogs; Cinnar, Pegasus, Beau-Tukker and Beau Buck. Also Monadnock’s Akela, Marlytuk’s Red Sun of Kiska and so many of the other great and influential dogs of that day. David said that «This was a time in our breed history that can never be revisited ». 


The foundation of INDIGO Siberians was the best dogs from Innisfree kennel. The main their bitch was Newscents. They bought her when she was an adult dog. While she was a puppy David and Sheila called her "ugly". The short story how Davis and Sheila became her owners

"He called one evening and asked if we would be interested in Newscents. Since we already had four or five dogs at that time, we talked it over and decided to just be polite and we agreed to look at Newscents at an upcoming show, but we also agreed beforehand that we really did not need her. When we met her owner in Orlando and watched Newscents move, without saying a word to each other Sheila and I both knew we could not pass up this opportunity. We bought her on the spot, and she changed our lives." 

Newscents went on to become the top-producing Siberian bitch of all time. With seventeen AKC Champions, she also remains the only Siberian bitch to produce three All-Breed Best in Show winners. Newscents had a fabulous front end. She gave her puppies exceptional length of upper arm, great shoulder layback, level top lines, and the effortless side gait that we treasure in Indigo best dogs of today. She was a bitch that produced soundly structured puppies regardless of their sire.  


The most special Newscent's daughter. Teeter’s career concluded with 201 Best of Breeds, one SHCA National Specialty Best of Breed, 96 Working Group Firsts, and 20 All Breed Best in Shows. Her Best in Show record for bitches still stands after 25 years. A record they have pledged never to break regardless of what may come into their lives.

Indigo Siberians BISS / BIS CH INDIGO'S INTITY ~ TEETER Indigo Siberians

(21.02.1983- 20.10.1988)

Top All-Breed winning bitch in the breed

BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX at the 1984 SHCA National Specialty

BEST OF BREED at the 1985 SHCA National



Teeter's contribution to David & Sheila's lives and her influence on their breeding philosophy and program are immeasurable. She brought them  so many new friends, both nation- and world-wide. Friends from their own and other breeds they still have today. 

"Teeter was always my very best friend. She was the first Siberian we ever spent so much time with that she really did not even need a leash. She was so dedicated to Sheila and me that she had no interest in running away. "

Unfortunately Teeter has never had puppies. But they were fortunate enough to have kept several of Teeter’s litter and full Sisters. They did breed several of “the Sisters” as we called them, and they helped them solidify many of the breed characteristics David & Sheila consider so crucial. The characteristics which D&S believe differentiate an “Indigo” Siberian of today. 

After Teeter's death it was a long time before they could think about going to another dog show. When D&S did finally return, they showed Teeter’s younger Sister “Cindy” mostly at local Florida shows for a year or so. Cindy went on to win seven Best in Shows and to retire the Mary Helen Cameron Memorial Trophy offered for Best of Opposite Sex at the Siberian Husky Club of America National Specialty. Teeter had won it in 1985, Cindy in 1990 and again in 1992. 

Indigo Siberians BIS CH INDIGO'S INNEWSCENTS ~ CINDY Indigo Siberians

Indigo SiberiansAM CH INDIGO'S INVISIBLE TOUCH ~ INVY Indigo Siberians

«In 1993 Sheila and I commissioned a life-sized bronze sculpture likeness of Teeter’s head to replace the Best of Opposite Sex Memorial Trophy, now offered in memory of our own departed friend Michael Kelly. We had two sculptures cast, one for the SHCA and the other for our own collection. On our personal sculpture we had engraved Teeter’s name, her date of birth, her date of death, and the following:

“Thank you for all the dreams come true, 
and the memories we will cherish for a lifetime.” »

David K Qualls D.V.M.

Indigo Siberians

Unfortunately, being on the TOP in the United States, INDIGO dogs are unknown in Russia and Europe. For 35 years we are the first owners of Indigo dogs and we are very proud to work with these lines and have the opportunity to share this beauty.
Also it's a problem that in Russia and Europet people still think that Indigo in the USA and Inndigo in SA are the same kennel.
We ask to note that they are two completely different kennels with different breeders and completely different type of dogs. The American Kennel INDIGO began their breeding work before the African.
In 2012, David and Sheila Qualls decided to stop breeding work and close the kennel. Their website doesn't work, so it will be very difficult to watch other their young dogs. On this page we also wanted to show some dogs, close relatives (brothers, sisters, aunts, etc.) to our Srevo, Forrest and Muffin.


Indigo Siberians INDIGO'S IF I ONLY HAD A BRAIN Indigo Siberians 

Indigo Siberians INDIGO'S ISCALADE Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians  INDIGO'S ILIZABETH II Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians INDIGO'S KILLER INSTINCT Indigo Siberians 

Indigo Siberians INDIGO'S PRESS ONE FOR INGLISH Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians INDIGO'S IMERALD CITY Indigo Siberians 

Indigo Siberians INDIGO'S ISAAK Indigo Siberians 



Indigo Siberians  GR AM CH INDIGO'S IN LOVING MEMORY ~ NOREEN Indigo Siberians 
(Indigo's Isaak x Indigo's Hilltop Istate)


Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians  AM CH INDIGO'S THE BILTMORE ISTATE ~ MORLEY Indigo Siberians 

(Indigo's Isaak x Indigo's Hilltop Istate)

Indigo Siberians Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians AM CH INDIGO'S IESAU ~ SAW Indigo Siberians 

(Indigo's Killer Instinct x Indigo's Intimate Incounter)

Indigo Siberians  INDIGO'S ILLEGAL ALIEN ~ TACO Indigo Siberians  

(Indigo's Press One For Inglish x Indigo's Imerald City)

Indigo Siberians  GR AM CH INDIGO'S IXODUS OF STARSKY Indigo Siberians 

(Indigo’s Hear No Ivil x Indigo’s Iolite of Starsky)

Indigo Siberians Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians  GR AM CH INDIGO'S BUT I'M A CHEERLEADER ~ DALLAS Indigo Siberians 

(Indigo's Isaak x Indigo's Hilltop Istate)

Indigo Siberians Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians 

Indigo Siberians  AM CH INDIGO'S BLACK IEYED PEA ~ FERGIE Indigo Siberians 

(Indigo's Isaak x Wintersweet Synama Woodlily)

Indigo Siberians Indigo Siberians  

Indigo Siberians

(Indigo's Isaak x Wintersweet Synama Woodlily)

AWARDS OF MERIT at Westminster 2010

Indigo Siberians Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians  BISS / BIS GR CH INDIGO'S HILLTOP ISTATE ~ STACEY Indigo Siberians 

37 Specialty Best In Shows a Breed Record
10 US All Breed Best in Shows
50 Working Group Firsts

Indigo Siberians

Indigo Siberians Indigo Siberians

Stacy - Best Brood Bitch at the Siberian Husky National Specialty

Stacy and her daughter Noreen


David Qualls 20 years ago


We want to say warmest words to David and Sheila Qualls for everything they have done for us - for beautiful dogs, for their help and support  and, of course, for our friendship!

Indigo Siberians


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